FS: Closet Buster: BD pack, misty harness, kestrel, and more!

Next round of my closet cleaning:
All prices including shipping to conus!

Kestrel 4000 weather unit: $175
-Like New

Misty Custom Harness: $75
-Bought at beginning of summer, used to top-rope with kids and is in fantastic shape
-Large Waist, large fixxxed leg loops

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32 Pack: $60
-Used once, and is in great shape. The black marks are from griptape on my dryice tools. It is not sticky and won't damage your stuff.

Conterra Radio Harness: $25
-Like New

5.10 Piton Size 10.5: $25
-Used but rubber is still almost full thiccness

BD Spark Gloves XL: $25
-Used maybe once, but look new

Climbing Hardware:
-Salewa Sticht - $15
-Wild Country - $25
   -Used maybe once?


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