Black Diamond X4 Camalot .4, .5, .75 New SOLD

Black Diamond X4 Camalot .4, .5, .75 New  

Not new, but pretty close to in condition, Never used with dated slings.. A little discoloured from handling..
With lightly used BD hoodwire Carabiners… Some scratches maybe still removed tape residues..

$60 each. cdn$. + shipping (US$ =$1.30 cdn so in effect around 30% cheaper)  

If you're actually buying, Be specific and PM me with your shipping address for costs...
Pay promptly on receipt of total by email or Paypal request and for prompt shipping after payment.. or at least say you changed your mind  sooner than later to not keep someone else interested in something in particular hanging.  

.4 Grey, 2017
.5 Purple 2017
.75 Green 2015

Payment by Paypal  in Canadian Funds, (I’m eating the 3% Paypal fees for sale items)
 I Expect payment reasonably prompt if say you want them and after cost with shipping sent,  or before or after I send a money request. (For those people faster than I am or I happen to have throttled down bandwidth at the time.. )

May be a 3% spread in the exchange relative to your source of funds and Daily Paypal exchange rate.. No one is ever the same as the world market rate…
Ships with tracking. insurance,. Possibly signed for delivery confirmation,  
From Richmond BC Canada to the US through a USPS relay service out of Blaine WA at USPS 1st class or Priority  cost + $1-$2 + insurance processing service fee relative to packed sized weight..  + $2 for signed for delivery confirmation if won’t fit through a mail slot..
And for US buyers more or less relative to how far going from WA…

Same for possible CDN buyers except using more expensive Canada Post.

Items paid for before 1pm usually sent out the same business day..or next business day if later..

Last items sold in this forum took a week to UT and CO via Priority and buyers got the same day as arrived..



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