La Sportive Ultra Raptor Mountain Running Shoe (size 41.5, men's) $90 (retail $130)

Take flight with the ultra raptor. A great, burly running shoe. Primary uses are trail running, hiking, and trekking.

It's a meaner version of the La Sportiva Wildcat. The Raptor has a rock plate and stickier rubber.
I used this shoe on one 8-mile run and it's 1/2 size too small. Selling it for $90 and it retails for $130. The shoe is still in mint condition. I'm sizing up and buying a new pair as soon as I sell these. I've worn the Wildcats for years, but I can already tell I'm gonna like these more.

See reviews and description on La Sportive site here:
Independent review here:…

I live in Boulder, CO but will ship them across the US. I estimate 7-9 dollars for shipping and a 2-3 day arrival time.

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