FS C4 Camalot's 8 Set .4-5 And Duplicates

Prices in cdn$ US$ = $1.31 so in effect 30% less, Maybe a 3% spread exchange..  

Sling dates noted where have them..

Set  8 sizes .4 to 5, Various degrees of wear from more used to not very much,
With wire gate Carabiners lightly or not used.. and short Racking Sling

#.4 2015 lightly used…
#.5 2015  lightly used… near new
#.75 2014 lightly used
#1 2015 50% + anodizing still on the lobes. .
#2 2013 50% anodizing on the lobes, sling might look slightly fuzzy.
#3 Undated used. Edges off the lobe serrations. Dirty sling.
#4 2014 Just starting to lose anodizing off the lobes.
#5 2014 70% anodizing still on the lobes.

$400 cdn. (About $306 US + maybe 3% exchange)
Including Shipping to anywhere in the continental 49.. Priority with signed for delivery confirmation,


11 Duplicates with Carabiners,

#.5 2015  lightly used…like new biner.. $50
#.75 2014 lightly used  $50
#1 Undated just past worn off lobe anodizing, faded red..Helium carabiner with wear,,  $45
#1 2013 Still has anodizing on the lobes .$50
#1 2012 Used once.. has some light edge wear, minor scars on centre and corners of lobes, like new on top of the lobes.. $60
#1 2017 never used. $60
#2  No date. Still has some anodizing on the lobes. sling might look slightly fuzzy. $50
#2 2013 Still has some anodizing on the lobes. sling might look slightly fuzzy. $50
#2 2017 Never used.. $70
#3 2017 Never used.. $70
#4 Undated used, anodizing off most of the lobes.... $50

Adding any of these to the previous Set not adding extra cost to shipping..
Otherwise shipping probably starts around $7 for a small single.. 2-3 usually $14-$16+ relative to where going in the US and further from WA..
PM with your shipping address for costs for singles…  

Ships from Canada Via Relay Shipper out of Blaine WA for a few $’s over USPS cost with Tracking and  signed for Delivery confirmation

Paypal payment in cdn$ Expected paid promptly.. before or after a Paypal request for money sent..