FS: 2016 Tarptent Scarp 1

Tarptent Scarp 1 is a roomy 1-person tent that can fit two tightly if necessary. Light but not ultralight. Very sturdy in wind and moderate snow and considered a 4-season tent.

Current 2019 version here – https://www.tarptent.com/product/scarp-1/

Review here of the 2016 version being sold – https://attitude-over-ability.com/tarptent-scarp-1/

I purchased in 2017, but have only used 3 times because I typically a take a lighter tent (for me only) or larger tent (for two). Selling because I just don’t use it enough. Tent is in like-new condition and includes everything that came with the original tent package, PLUS an extra solid interior (in addition to a mesh interior) to use when especially windy/dusty/snowy, and the optional external pole set that makes the tent entirely freestanding. Tent was seam-sealed by Tarptent. No footprint included (I used a ground sheet but it’s not necessary on many surfaces). My main gripe is the tent is a bit slow to set up, but really I’m just lazy and used to the freestanding Copper Spur UL2, and the Scarp would be fine if I used it more consistently to learn the tricks.

I paid ~$500 new for the standard tent package, extra solid interior, optional freestanding pole set and seam sealing. Selling for $250 via Paypal if shipped; $220 via cash if local (Portland OR).


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