Spring Sale Extravaganza - Last Few Items Left - Prices Greatly Reduced

I also have a pair of like new Spantiks, will add pictures later if anyone's interested.

As many of you can probably identify with, the desire to buy and hoard gear under the guise of “I’ll definitely use that eventually” gripped me at a young age. As soon as I discovered Erik Sloan’s Definitive Bigwall Gear Guide I said farewell to my paychecks.However, with a wedding coming up I need to offload some of the gear I’ll either never use or won’t have an issue borrowing when I need it. With the date coming up soon and finances tight, I figure there’s no better time than the present. Most of the items on this list are either lightly used or brand new. I added conditions of each piece to the descriptions.

As Mario would say, here we go:


2 – 8.6mm, 70m BEAL Cobra II Unicore Golden Dry Half Ropes, Blue and Red – These beauties have only been used on two freezing cold days in non-rainy conditions on WI2 and WI3, no top rope, no falls. When we were taking the ropes from our storage closet my fiancé said, “oh wow, are these new?” They truly feel like they came right out of the plastic. Send me a email if you want close up pictures of the rope.
Price: $260 for the pair SHIPPED ($480/pair new, shipping is around $40-50 across the country)

Because of some confusion on the model: ems.com/beal-cobra-ii-8.6-m…


2 – Black Diamond Cobra Ice Axes, One Adze, One Hammer – I’ve used these over a dozen times and honestly, they’re the only thing on the list I’d rather not part with. They have new picks which were used for one outing last year so are still very sharp.
Price: $200 each ($420 each new) WHOAHHH!

1 – Black Diamond Serac Crampons – Used a few times in the Rockies but you can barely tell. Like new condition. Comes with a storage bag.
Price: $80 ($185 new)

Set of Black Diamond Express Ice Screws (3) Blue, (1) Yellow – These were purchased long after I started ice climbing, so they still are very sharp. No falls on any of them and no rust.
Price: $35 each ($60 each new) - $120 if you buy all 4!

Black Diamond C4 – These have been used more than the other gear, but you can see in the photos that the slings are in great condition and there are no hang ups in the action. Each comes with a matching BD Neutrino.                 
(1) 6 - $80

Thanks for having a look! I’ll do my best to answer first come first serve.



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