FS: Aid climbing gear (copper heads & circle heads, beaks & RURPs, rivet hangers, pro traxion)

Getting rid of some of my aid climbing stuff I don't use.

I am selling each thing as a set, and without carabiners that may be in the photo, to make shipping easier and cheaper. Local pickup along the Wasatch, or buyer pays shipping.

1) Copper heads/aluminum heads and circle heads - $45
I am too lazy to look dig those back out and actually count them (because I forgot when I took the picture). But looking at the picture, it looks like there are about 30-35 regular heads and 8-10 circle heads. Many of these are home made. Don't remember which ones or how many.

2)  5 Black Diamond Peckers (2 #1, 2 #2, and 1 #3) and 3 RURPS - $80

3) Rivet hangers, variety of different cable thicknesses x8 - $25

4) Petzl ProTraxion  - $70
Been up a couple walls

Send me a direct message if you have questions. Thanks!


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