WTB Hammock Setup: WBBB 1.7 SL, HG 40 Burrow, 40 UQ, CF Tarp

I'm looking to add to my hammock collection so that I can take both my kids with me onto the trail. Looking for all gear in very good to like new conditions. Pet free, smoke free homes, and stored appropriately. Here is what I'm looking for: 1. WBBB 1.7 SL 2. Hammock Gear 40 degree burrow. Prefer a corded footbox, but sewn or zippered is okay as well. 3. Underquilt 40 degrees. I have used KAQ, and Yeti, and been pleased with both. I am open to options that are light, and fit a WBBB. Weight is a concern as it's for an 8 year old to carry. 4. Cuben Fiber Tarp for an 11 foot ridgeline. Am open to either with or without doors. No holes or patches.


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