[WTS] UGQ Bandit 20F / 6C Quilt 55"x78" 800FP [Aiken, SC]

I wanted to see if the quilt life was for me, but ultimately I toss and turn too much and appreciate the extra fabric of a mummy bag. I've slept in this quilt 4 times and it's in near perfect condition. The quilt ships in the stuff sack it came with and I'm also including the pad straps I bought as well.

  • Brand: Underground Quilts
  • Model: Bandit
  • Temperature: 20F / -6C
  • Size: 55" x 78"
  • Fill Power: 800FP + 2oz Overstuff
  • Total Weight: 26.03oz/738g
  • Footbox: Drawcord
  • Taper: Full Taper
  • Interior fabric: M10 Charcoal
  • Exterior fabric: 20d Ripstop Moroccan Blue
  • 2oz Overstuff

Can do Paypal F&F or you add 3%. Cash accepted locally.

asking $170 shipped

[ pic ]


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