[WTS] Fundraising Sale: Nemo Fillo Pillow (9oz), Soto Windmaster (2.7oz), Snow Peak 900 w/Lid (4oz), 8 Shepherd Hook Stakes w/ Zpacks Stake Sack (2.8 oz), Zpacks Sit Pad (~1oz), BlackRock Gear Beanie M (~1oz), Zpacks Lumbar Pad (~1oz)

Hello all! A new quarter is around the corner and I need to raise some funds. Selling:

PICS: https://imgur.com/a/nCkl4HL

1) Nemo Fillow Pillow. Used but still completely functional. Just got a new foam from Nemo that is unused. $30 Shipped.

2) Soto Windmaster. Unused. Bought it to get a more efficient stove, but will have to carry an 8oz. canister anyway so going with a BRS instead. $50 shipped.

3) Snow Peak 900 with Minibull lid. Has a blue spot on the bottom but everything else works. $40 shipped.

4) 8 titanium shepherd hook stakes with a zpacks stake sack. No bends in the stakes and the bag is undamaged. I also put some cuben tape on the bottom inside to reinforce it. $16 shipped.

5) BlackRock Gear Down Beanie. Unused. I tried to return it after buying it but I never heard back from BlackRock. It's a medium/ white. $40 shipped.

6) Zpacks Lumbar Pad. Unused. Got it to use with a non-zpacks pack, but I don't feel I actually need it. $10 Shipped.

7) Zpacks Sit Pad. I found my Z seat that I thought I lost. Unused. $5 Shipped.

I'd like to sell as many items together as I can to save on shipping, so:

Everything together: $170 Shipped.

Pot + Stove: $75 Shipped.

PM any others offers for bundles. The cuben tape is included free with a bundle (around 1.5 ft.)

Thanks for looking!!


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