MSR Freelight 2 trade for quilt

I have an unused brand new Freelight 2,  it retails  at REI, and at amazon for  $489, don’t confuse this with Freelight fast and light, completely different tent, this is a much higher quality than the other. I bought this at an outfitters for a little over  $500 wasn’t that good with computers and didn’t know amazon. I set it up for 1/2 hour in backyard to check it out, very easy to assemble, has the same middle bar the hubba hubba hs to make more room inside tent. The reason I  never. Used it was I had a high end fly rod and reel combo on here trying to trade for a zpacks duplex, and Jil from California  paid zpacks for a camo, duplex as soon as zpacks verified she ordered it to be mailed to me I  sent her the orvis, helios 2, 5 wt. 81/2 ft. Rod, and matching orvis, mirage reel a $1350.00 value she got a great deal and I got my duplex. I am 67 and had a minor stroke which prevents me from climbing mountains and chasing trout in the mountain streams, so we both got what we wanted, but now I  still have the MSR Freelight 2, I  think the weight is 2 lb. And 6 oz, it might be less. It comes in a unique roll up sack that has compression straps on it so it is easy to pack.  I would like to trade for a enlightened equipment rev, or equivalent.  20 degree quilt. If you really need a tent it would be cheaper for you to contact me and then make a purchase, of the quilt, that way we would both have new equipment . But I am open to used quilts as long as they are very well maintained, the higher the fill power the better I’m trying to get my base weight down. Cheers and maybe we will meet on the trail some day. Bobby