FS: Patagonia Merino 1 – t shirt 3oz

<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>Patagonia Merino 1 – tshirt</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>Pix</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>https://imgur.com/a/YEDasiJ</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>Its 65%/35% Merino to poly.</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>Orange/brown</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>Its from probably around ~2010 . I wore it for the JMT and and mot much since then..</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>Its a size Large but it definitely shrunk in the wash so its probably closer to a Medium now..
Its got a couple small pulls/holes in the upper back. and a 1″ tear that has been repaired with sewing machine.</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>Pretty stretchy silkweight T. feels great and like you are not wearing much so definitely a great warm weather T.</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>I’d totally still wear it if it still fit</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>Here’s a couple old articles I found on it</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>https://www.backpacker.com/gear/editors-choice-2010-patagonia-merino-1-baselayer</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>https://www.gearexposure.com/review-patagonia-merino-one-silkweight-baselayer/</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>It was like $75 new</p>
<p class=”s1w8oh2o-10 bQeEFC”>$30 shipped</p>


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