FS - Lots o CAMS, sizes c3 - old 4 (Totem Totems, DMM, WC, BD, Metolius; some NWT), + ascender, adjust, medium nuts/hexs, cheap draws, slings, atc, ovals, nut tool

Standard spring cleaning and updating the rack. All gear is in great condition or better. Cams have smooth action with soft slings, I’d whip on any of them.
Paypal only, FF or buyer pays 3% fee. Shipping via usps, cheap as possible. Split shipping if buying $75+; shipping included at $200+.
Prices set with room to negotiate so send your best offers. More likely to swing bigger deals on bigger orders.
Any questions, please ask. Can send close up photos by request. Thanks for looking and happy climbing!

Used cams:
Wild Country Zero #6/blue - $35
Black Diamond c3 #2/yellow - $65 - 2015 sling
Metolius UL Mastercam #2/yellow - $40 - 2018 sling
Metolius UL Mastercam #3/orange - $40 - 2018 sling
Metolius Powercam #4/red - $35 - dated 04/00 but maybe placed twice ever, action is just like new
Black Diamond c4 #.75/green - $38 - 2010 sling
DMM Dragon 2 #3/red - $45
DMM Dragon 2 #3/red - $45
DMM Dragon 2 #3/red - $45
Black Diamond c4 #1/red - $40 - 2014 sling, placed a few times, still like new
Wild Country Tech Friend #2.5/red - $30 - fits between BD 1 & 2, perfect complement piece for creek rack
DMM Dragon 2 #4/gold - $45
DMM Dragon 2 #4/gold - $45
Black Diamond c4 #2/gold - $40
Metolius Powercam #7/light blue - $38 - 2016 sling, great extra hand sized piece for creek rack
Wild Country Helium Friend #3/purple - $35 - fits between BD 2 & 3, perfect complement piece for creek rack, no sling
Black Diamond c4 #3/blue - $42 - 2014 sling
Black Diamond c4 #3/blue - $42 - 2016 sling
Metolius Powercam #8/purple - $38 - 2018 sling
Black Diamond old-style camalot #4/purple - $50 - fits between new BD 4 & 5, hard to find and indispensable for wide crack

Following cams are new with tags; so new in fact they haven't arrived to me yet (part of larger order I made). Will be delivered Friday, pictures to follow, but you know what they look like.
Shipping included in price.
Totem Totem#.65/blue$90
Totem Totem#.80/yellow$90
Totem Totem#1.0/purple$90
Totem Totem#1.25/green$90
Totem Totem#1.75/red$90
New Wild Country#.4/silver$65
New Wild Country#.5/purple$65
New Wild Country#.75/green$65

Other gear:
Petzl Acensionleft handed$50
Petzl DualAdjustbrand new$45like new
3x BD + 1x Metolius 60cm slings$15all dated 2016
BD Positronquickdraws$20
3x random ovalscarabiner$9
Metolius Torquenut tool$9
5x medium nuts/hexes$15
Black Diamond ATC$12