[WTS] Gossamer Gear LT4 & MLD Grace Duo (4.2 oz. & 6.8 oz. respectively)


DISCLAIMER: My kitchen scale is busted. I stepped on it like a dork. So, these measurements are approximates. I’d used a fishing scale, and I don’t think the weights were super accurate. I’m just tryin’ to be as honest as I can. I’m happy to answer any other questions and send more photos if need be.

1.) GG LT4: Bought this when Gossamer Gear had them on sale about a month ago. Mostly on impulse. I don’t need it as I have a Cascade Mountain Tech pole (6.9 oz. nice) that I’d rather use. Truth of the matter is, I wouldn’t feel as bad if the CMT broke. I removed the basket and it’s the strapless version. I bought it for $75 shipped, I’ll sell it for $65 shipped considering it’s brand new, never used, and the basket is $5 on the GG website. I also have a photo of the receipt, I’d just forgotten to upload it to the imgur album. I’ll be happy to send that to ya if you’d like. LT4

SOLD 2.) MLD Grace Duo: Bought it second(third?)-hand here. First user mentioned he’d hiked 190 miles with it, while the user before him kept it in a closet. Prior owner thinks it’s the 2016 model. The post I’d purchased this from is . I’m selling because I have a Simply Light Designs tarp with the same measurements, and I value how much smaller the Xenon Sil packs down. I removed the linelocs, and never set it up or used it myself, so I’ll sell it for $160 shipped. MLD Grace Duo