[WTB] Small Torso Backpack (preferably framed) and Summer Quilt

Hello, I am interested in buying a backpack for a 5'3" woman, so a torso of about 15" or so. A lightly framed pack such as a ULA Ohm or KS ultralight 40 or Atompacks Atom+ is preferable, but would also consider a ULA CDT or similar (frameless but with substantial hipbelt). The hipbelt would need to be small (about 30") as well.

I am also looking for a 50° down quilt with weight of about 12 ounces, preferably something like 72" x 52" or so with an open footbox. A UGQ Bandit or EE revelation Reg/Reg or Reg/Slim in 10D fabric would fit the bill.