[WTS] Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform SW 1p, Dream Hammock Darien

PICS: https://imgur.com/a/ClUP5oz , https://i.imgur.com/tjCQDYa.jpg?1

1) Dream Hammock Darien Burnt Orange. 11ft, Right Lay. 58" wide, 1.6 Hyper D Riptstop. This is my first hammock received a few days ago (this is a repost with a price drop, so it's about a week or two ago now, but still unused), so it is brand new. I hung it up in my room and liked it so much, that I want to do one that's completely custom. I removed the tie outs except the ones at the foot and head end. Comes with ridgeline organizer. Will include 2 lines of shock cord for tie outs and 15ft of yellow Zing it. Paid $152 shipped. Asking $105 shipped.

2) YMG Cirriform SW 1p. Catch and release. Was used a few days by previous owner but has no damage. Long story short: partner was looking at the 2p when I was suggesting this. Asking what I paid, $420 shipped.

If for some reason you want both I'd do $515 shipped...

Thanks for looking!