Summer goodies: approach shoes, size medium layers, and sleeping bag. Adidas (5.10), Rab, Wild Things, NW Alpine

I'm going to regret this as soon as the weather is properly nice, but it's time to clean out the closet a bit

All this stuff is in good working order, so let's get the questions out of the way.
Q: Have any of the cams been fallen on?
A: Probably yes. I don't keep track. If you want to be 100% sure a cam hasn't been weighted, buy a new one. Gear is designed to take falls. This stuff has been used and kept me off the deck. If it wasn't in good shape, I wouldn't sell it.

Q: All the racking carabiners are different types. Seems sketchy. How about $25 shipped for the #3?
A: Yes, cams do in fact work with mismatched racking carabiners. For $25 I'll buy you a racking carabiner of your choice and keep the #3.

Q: Are the clothes washed?
A: Yes, and with Nixwax or environmentally conscious detergent. If you want I can wear them for a couple days of spring alpine climbing so they arrive pre-funked. But you don't want that. I hope.

Buyer pays shipping unless you do a package deal of a couple things. I'll ship by cheapest option available unless you prefer otherwise. Paypal F&F or Venmo works for me, but if you want the extra protection I'm willing to eat the 3% fee.

Approach shoes
$65 Adidas Terrex Scope GTX, size 9 (42 2/3???) No idea wtf a size 42 2/3 means in Euro sizing land, but they fit like the other size 9 approach shoes I have. I've worn them a bit, but they're in pretty darn good shape. Retail is anywhere from $120 at a semi-shady online site to $180 straight from the source at Adidas.

All cams are sold

All passive pro is sold

$20 Mammut Togir Click harness: size medium. A couple years old but in good shape. A couple scuffs, but what do you expect from a used harness and a bunch of alpine climbing. Belay loop and hardpoints are in great shape.

$150 Wild Things Alpinist hardshell: Size medium. If you know, you know. Made in New Hampshire. Kills me to sell it, but it deserves to be somewhere it'll get used. I've just moved onto other shells. One tiny pinprick hole by the waist is pictured and the drawcord at the back of the hood came loose. Excellent condition otherwise. If you're interested, you gotta give me a good pitch of where you're going to take it.

$35 NW Alpine softshell pants: Size small. I've outgrown them, which I didn't think was possible, yet here we are. A couple holes that I've patched, some with color matching thread, some without. Baller pair of simple softshell pants. Excellent ski mountaineering or ice climbing pants. No fluff to get hung up on ski edges or crampons (says the guy who's sewed a couple holes in the cuffs shut. whoops).

SOLD Icebreaker MerinoLoft Descender Hybrid Long Sleeve Half Zip Hood: The longest product name in history. Size medium, like new condition.

SOLD Ibex Woolies 150 1/4 zip: Size large, fits like a medium. A couple years old, but almost never worn. Like new condition.

$15 Helly Hansen longsleeve baselayer: Size medium. OG Helly Hansen racing stripes on the arms. Guaranteed to make you 34.8% faster in the mountains. Cause that's how science works.

Packing and Sleeping
$200 Rab Neutrino Endurance 400 sleeping bag: Regular length, right hand zipper. Used for a season, always stored unstuffed in a cotton sack, washed using Nixwax Down Wash. Excellent condition.

SOLD Dana Designs Terraplane pack: Size medium.