Cleaning Out- W's Scarpas/ Eno Hammock/ Kayak Cover/ Sleeping Bag

Eno Single Nest Hammock, Red and Grey, with Atlas Suspension System and ProFly rain tarp- lightly used, but I'm boring now because I'm in med school and haven't used it much lately. $100 for the lot and I'll handle the shipping. Would also be open to selling the fly separately from hammock/ suspension, but you'd be responsible for shipping.

Harmony XL Kayak Cockpit Cover- never used. $25 and I'll handle the shipping.

Men's regular length LaFuma 1 kilo extreme sleeping bag- rated for 35F. This baby has carried me through many camping trips and up Cotopaxi, most recently. Upgraded to a coveted Nemo model, so hoping someone can make use of this. Lovingly used, but in good condition. $50, I'll handle shipping

W's Size 7 Scarpa Vapors. Got these on Prodeal last year and they ended up being a bit too small. Lightly used, as I gave them a shot, but alas. $80, I'll handle shipping.


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