Pics: https://imgur.com/a/uDzEA35

I’m selling all this stuff together for 110 bucks paypal ff including CONUS shipping. Everything must go! If you want me to leave something out fine, but I’m not selling individual items.

13.5 ounces. Older zpacks Arc Blast with frame removed. Came to me from a friend of a friend, no idea of it’s history or exact year. Frame, shock cord, and front pocket have been trimmed off of it, but there is nothing wrong with the body of the pack. Maybe you want a large frameless or just a sack of cuben to chop up. Torso seems to be a little over 18 inches.

3 ounces Solo S2S pyramid nano net, untreated. Never used on a trip, just set up in a yard with different mids to get a sense of it.

6.5 ounces TiGoat silnylon bug bivy. Good condition. 80 inches long, 35 wide at the shoulders. Center and left zips, tie out for raising the head and a loop I added to the corner with a zpacks stick on, which stuck to the sil even though you wouldn’t expect it to. Packs down to the size of a soda can.

3.6 ounces stove, windscreen, Foster can. Carrying tupperware adds two ounces. Fosters Keg. Includes mini bud alcohol stove, windscreen, and carrying case. I bought this from someone on BPL a couple years ago and never used it on a trip. The keg and stove are in perfect condition, the windscreen is a little beat up but functional. The tupperware carrying set up is pretty neat.

2 ounces Trail designs Snowpeak mini solo cone. I don’t have the mini solo pot. Why did I buy this? Nobody knows. I imagine it fits a couple other pots, but no idea which ones.

2.4 ounces Snowpeak mug, 1.7 ounces cone Trail designs Snowpeak 450 cone, Snowpeak 450 mug (singlewall), including snowpeak travel lid. I don’t think you can use the lid while boiling, it is really a plastic drinking lid I doubt you’d take backpacking. If you do take it backpacking that is between you and your creator. Unused hotlips thrown in.

1.2 ounces shoulder pouch, 1.3 ounces soft bottle Ultimate Direction Shoulder Pouch with soft bottle. ULTIMATE DIRECTION. Nuff said. Bottle unused with plastic wrapping around the sport nipple intact. I found the pouch worked well with a 500ml smartwater.

2.7 ounces Sea to Summit Waterproof Event compression sack size small. Unused.

3.5 ounces Folding carbon pole. Came with a second hand duomid, when i resold it the new buyer didn’t want it. 53 inches fixed length, shock corded, foldable.

1.1 ounces Boker plus folding knife

1.1 ounces Medical Pillow, inflatable straw kind, new in packaging.

9 ounces Klymit xframe pad. Missing the bulb to do the final inflation, but works blowing it up without it.