Closet Cleanup, PCT Preparations

I’m hiking the PCT this year and need to simplify my life! A have a bunch of odds, ends, and random gear for sale. I can get pictures of anything just let me know. There’s too much stuff for sale to post pictures in the thread. It’s important to note, I have a bunch of “smaller, inexpensive items” I’ll only sell those if you purchase a more expensive item. Just due to shipping and such.. it’s not worth it to sell it individually. You can always PM with an offer for a chunk of stuff too.

Neo Air Xtherm Max, the rectangular one – Excellent Condition $130 shipped. Includes Black Stuff Sack and Repair Kit

Vargo 900ml Ti-Lite. No dent’s dings, or scratches. Has washed off campfire patina – Excellent Condition $45 shipped

This one is tough. A custom made MLD Supertarp in 7.5×9.5 in .87 Camo. The woodland camo no longer available. I pitched it in an A-frame in my yard one time. Brand New. No line locs. $400 shipped. I bought it for a dedicated kayaking/bike packing tarp. I really want to keep it but if someone will bite… Wanted something bomber, camo, and a little bigger than I’m used to.

Rail Riders ECO Mesh Pant. Medium, 30″ inseam. Loden. Hiked in on a few hikes. Worn a few times around casually around town. Washed a few times. Mostly carried in a pack. $50 shipped.

Size Large Goosefoot Down Socks, Worn around the house lounging only because I bought them. Never been outside. $50 shipped.

3 Pairs of Brand NEW Darn Tough Socks, Size Large. 2 Pairs of Darn toughs worn for one weekend, size large. Pretty much 5 pairs of new darn toughs for $50 shipped.

Adapt A Cap Ultimate – Brand New $40 shipped

Well used evernew 900ml ul short/wide with CC ti-tri, inferno, starlyte, esbit.. no floor. 4 or 8oz fuel bottle your choice. WELL USED. $100 shipped

Toaks 550 Zelph Modified, BGET titanium over starlyte. Ruta CF Lid. DCF Stuff Sack. Used in excellent conditon. $80 shipped

The Trailogy! AT,PCT,CDT by TBW productions.  Watched once. $40 shipped.

EE Enigma 40* standard/wide. 10d green outer. 10x charcoal inner. Used sparingly. In excellent conditon.  Comes with original silnylon stuff sack. $190 shipped.


All this gear I won’t ship individually… but if you want something from above and I’ll gladly throw any of this in with the other gear for the price listed.

Mixture of a bunch of tent pegs – $20 (its Heavy)… most of the pegs are brand new. Ruta Locura, Vargo, Lawson, Easton, Ti Nails..what you see is what you get.

EMS Fleece Beanie + Merino/synthetic liner cap. $10

Duece of Spades – bought as a spare. Lent it to a buddy once. $10

Practically new Montbell Chameece Glove liners XL. These are the bomb. $14

My DIY bag – some DCF repair tape of all flavors, transfer tape, MARA 70, enough Obsidian 0.80 DCF to make a large or two small stuff sacks, some DIY cuben sacks I made, a bunch of plastic hardware including micro linelocs, cord locks, mitten hooks. $10

A Photon Freedom Micro, white beam – $10

A never used Thermarest Pump Sack, I did change the cord with some baller MLD guyline – $10

Probably more gear to come as I dig deeper into my plethora of madness.