FS: Vintage Women's Sierra Designs Expedition Sleeping Bag

Up for sale is a women's Sierra Designs White Goose Down Sleeping bag, from back when Sierra Designs was still made in the Sierras. The bag is in excellent condition and is very clean - it's been used extremely little and it has plenty of loft. I'm the second owner of the bag. The bag has all sorts of really cool vintage details (leather and gross grain tighteners, a big vntage zipper, and older labels, and it's extremely well made. The down in this bag lofts incredibly well and it's quite light for it's size. The bag weighs 1680 grams on my scale, and it's very puffy. 

For reference, that's a 7" stake; I measured between 4.5" and 5" of loft on the upper portion of the bag (4.5" being the most conservative, thinnest measurement I could take) by placing a sheet of paper on the bag and then measuring the height of the paper. Depending on the calculations you use, that's anywhere between 0 degrees and -30 degrees down bag.

Thinking $200 shipped, PayPal FF/Venmo/Paypal + 3%. 


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