[WTS] Hammock Stuff prices reduced

Enlighten Equipment 20* 950 fill quilt 2017 Top quilt is a revelation Regular Regular http://imgur.com/gallery/iIRlFRR 200.00 plus shipping and PP fees

Dream Hammock Thunder Bird #4905 top cover and bug net 155.00 mint condition https://www.dreamhammock.com/order_detail.html?order=4905 the weight given is for both the bug net and the over cover comes with whoopie slings and tree straps

Dutch Netless hammock tru timber knotty mod with structural ridge line new 65.00 https://dutchwaregear.com/product/true-timber-camo-2-0/ Double hammock woopie hook suspension with spreader Bar 45.00 http://imgur.com/gallery/XAA1Lau

11' Simply light designs hammock tarp trail haven new in 1.1 silnylon olive green 70.00

2QZQ 1 hammock tarp door new 1.0 sil olive green 40.00

2QZQ under quilt protector coyote brown new 40.00

Bundle stuff up and I'll cut a deal Shipping will be 7.90 per item plus 3% PayPal fees I've made tons of sales through Backpacking Light since 2010 if you'd like to look me up for peace of mind Trades I'd be interested in would be Spot x , copper spur ul1, MSR carbon reflex or the 1 person hubba