[WTS] Superior Wilderness Designs Long Haul 35 - L torso/M hipbelt. $230 shipped (Never Used)

I recently ordered this pack from SWD, and unfortunately even the large torso length is too short for me. Due to customizations, I am unable to return the pack.

Other than the pack not fitting, I love the way this turned out, and if I end up ordering another custom extra-long torso'd version, I wouldn't change a thing. It weighs in at 29oz, with the two hipbelts and shoulder strap pockets included. From what I have seen, if you order a full-suspension backpack from them with a large torso, the weight seems to creep up.

The small increase in side pocket height(1") holds smart water bottles so much more securely than my old SWD 50L with the standard pocket height.

SWD Long Haul 35

main body: black VX07

bottom: black VX21

side pockets = black Dyneema X gridstop

hip belt = black Dyneema X gridstop

shoulder straps = black Dyneema X gridstop

hip belt pockets = black Dyneema X gridstop

+mesh shoulder pocket x 2

+add 1" in height to side pockets (8" on the short end of the taper and 10" on the taller end of the taper)

+Single straight accross side compression w/ lineloc

...delete all other side compression mounting points

+hydro delete

+delete mounting points for cord on top of back mesh...just leave a top/bottom mounting point for ice axe on wearer's right side

+single strap top strap instead of y strap.

Paid $295. Looking for $230 shipped USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days). Current wait time from SWD is 8-12 weeks



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