[WTS] 6x9 Silpoly tarp, 253 grams - $75 shipped USA

Build album showing details is here.

I have another 6x9 silpoly tarp for sale here, this time in Charcoal Gray. As usual it's made from the Ripstop By The Roll XL width silpoly. Finished dimensions are 68"X108", with a 1/2" rolled double stitched hem and 8 tie-outs. Final weight came out to 253 grams, or 8 7/8 oz. This includes a 10 gram silnylon stuff sac. The tie-outs are the short tab type tie-outs as seen in the last four album photos, and include the inner tab for tieing off a bivy or lines.

I've slightly changed my build procedure to make a stronger tarp. The reinforcement patches are now RBTR 2.2 oz coated hex nylon, which I bias cut to place the fabric weave in line with the tie-out. This reduces stretch under load. I also now sew the reinforcement edges as part of the inner stitch of the hem, so that there's no breaks in the stitching. Basically the inner hem stitch line is all one big unbroken stitch that includes the reinforcement panels. That's less to unravel and come apart under hard use. Details can be seen in the build album above.

PM if interested. I have more materials on the way and hope to get more posted soon. Thanks!


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