LSOH Toaster UQ, LSOH Warrior Hammock, SLD 12’ Trail Haven

For sale from a smoke free home. All items are gently used and in perfect condition. Down has been stored uncompressed. All prices include shipping. PayPal. CONUS. I’ll add pics when I can. 1st is a Little Shop of Hammocks Premium Toaster 20*, multicam 1.3, lime green, 44x77, 15.5oz 900 Hutterite white goose down (30% overstuff + 1oz), weighs 25.9oz, or 26.5oz in stuff sack. Used Outdoors one time. $210 B91E97A8-6686-406C-A115-085C8F18CDFF.jpgFF29DF52-14B5-4AB2-8166-83476B400A56.jpgimage.jpegimage.jpeg 2nd is a Warbonnet Mamba TQ. 20 degree, regular. Used once and in excellent condition. Weighs 17.9oz or 18.7oz in stuff sack. $195 4BA74FAA-DBA1-4304-8D96-072C3A4F16D1.jpegB6AE3BCA-1252-4A0A-82C8-A7B194F9C8F5.jpeg72C7913E-3E0E-4354-B6E4-EBD51294B017.jpeg 3rd is a Simply Light Designs Trail Haven, 12', 112" wide, Xenon sil 1.1 moss green, cat cut with single interior pole mod. Seam sealed. Pole included. Been used once. No cordage included. Poles weigh 6.3oz, Tarp is about 15oz (I can get an exact measurement later. It was 16.8oz w snake skins, stinger and fleaz, but they won’t be included). $120 image.jpegimage.jpeg