need sold to fix car ice climbing gear, ice screws and crampons, aid gear

I need to fix the head gaskets

 in my Subaru a
nd I need to get it fixed so I don't lose my job.  It's a sacrifice to sell my stuff but under the circumstances it must be done.  

Grivel 360 ice screws UNUSED!!  $275 for all

Grivel G14 crampons with extra front points still in package ($45 alone) $175 in great shape, with toe bail not the new matic style

Grivel 12 crampons, in great shape, very lightly used, has toe bail not new matic style, $125

Black Diamond aid hammer $75

Black Diamond talon hook $13

cliff hanger hook $10

bugboo/knifeblade pitons $8/each

lost arrow pitons $10/each

angles pitons $8/eac


Black Diamond plastic ice screw caribiners that clip to your harness $5/each

Marmot Catalyst (I think that's the model) 2 person tent $50 purchased about 14 months ago, comes with ground cloth and fly (sorry, but that's the

best photo I could find of the tent)

home brew 10

gallon corny keg with gas a
nd liquid lines $150

Leeper "Z" pitons  $125/ set

Thank you all ahead of time! 970.308.9894


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