[WTS] Hennessy Ultralite Explorer A-sym Hammock w/2QZQ zipper mod + continuous loops/tarp/snakeskins/gear hammock - $190 shipped

This is my wife's Hennessy Ultralite Explorer A-Sym hammock with the 2QZQ HH Zip 4 mod with an orange peak shelf for storage. The bottom entry was kept in tact since it's a god-send during mosquito season but, the dual zips (which is much nicer than the stock zipper model) allows for ease of entry when just lounging.

I've removed the stock spectra cord and substituted for amsteel continuous loops for weight and ease with the marlinspike hitch; however, I will provide the stock spectra cord in case you prefer to use that over the continuous loops. The stock asym tarp, 4ft tree huggers, and snakeskins will be included. The tarp itself has never been used since she's a fair-weather camper.

I'm also including the Simply Light Designs gear hammock and a set of 4 steel stakes w/stake bag as an added bonus.

All in all, the kit has probably been out around 5 nights. She has decided camping isn't something she wants to do anymore. Everything is in great condition and needs to be enjoyed by someone that can appreciate this. I'm looking for $190 shipped.



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