FS- MSR Groundhog & Easton Stakes & Harmony House Freeze Dried Food

Two things today…Only trade interests is an Ursack Minor or Small Ratsack

  1. Set of stakes, 4 our MSR Groundhogs, 4 area Easton peg stakes, 1 V grey one and small black bag…all used but in good shape. $18 shipped
  2. Harmony House Freeze Dried food..$35 shipped Includes all the following:
    1. carrots (2), diced potatoes (2), green peas (2), tomato dices, sweet celery, cut green beans, sweet corn, green cabbage, red and green peppers and chopped onions, black beans, northern beans, lentils, red beans and pinto beans
    2. One Red beans, white onion, diced carrots, lentils, green peas, sweet corn and green beans were opened and a tiny bit was taken out once. They were resealed immediately. If you don’t want these ones since you think that is wierd let me know and I can take them out before I ship.


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