FS Vintage Mint Bozeman Mountain Works, Coocoon Pullover/Pants, Bivy, Pack, Pad

I’d like to be closer to a “100 things” type guy, but I need to get down below 1000 thing before I can even dream about it. I will be selling a ton of LW gear I have accumulated over the years in the days and weeks to come. Much of it is in mint to lightly used condition, so keep a eye out. I’m going to try to group things in categories like “packs”, “stoves”, etc. I’m going to start with a blast from the past, all vintage items from Bozeman Mountain Works from a decade ago, all in “as new” to “excellent” condition.


Payment for these items is via Paypal, Unless specifically noted all prices are for SHIPPED CONUS. I will ship anywhere I am able outside CONUS, but you pay actual shipping. Please don’t hesitate to pm me with any questions about the items, further pictures, measurements, etc.


Note that I will place pictures and further notes below. All weights for each item are measured by me, not simply “as advertised”.

– $75 Bozeman Mountain Works Cocoon Pullover, size M (8.3 oz), never used

– $40 Bozeman Mountain Works Cocoon Pants, size M (7.2 oz), never used

– $70 Bozeman Mountain Works Quantum X Bivy Sack, (8.3 oz), used once

– $70 Bozeman Mountain Works trapezoidal inflatable pad, (10.5 oz), used once

– $35 Gossamer Gear Whisper Pack (4.0 oz), never used


Coocoon pullover still has the same loft as when it was purchased, Pertex shell, synthetic insulation. Very warm, Insulation appears to be fine, stored in cool closet in non-smoking house. Still perfect.

Same materials as the pullover. Pants are also mint, except as shown, I cut off the label. Ah, the folly of youth. It vexed me and would have it out. Just keep this embarrassing fact between us, ok? These are actually grey, something about taking the pic in bright sunlight made them look much more metallic, but they are basic dull grey.

I used the bivy sack overnight just once. Waterproof bottom, breathable water resistant top. This was originally designed to work under a minimalist-sized tarp.




The pad is probably the only item here that is not competitive with current technology. but it is a perfectly go Thermarest-style pad with a unique shape, and possibly some sentimental value to some people on here. 31.5″ long, 17″ at the shoulder, 12″ at the waist.


This pack, while not technically Bozeman Mountain Works was designed by Ryan Jordan through Gossamer Gear. Either crazy or perfect depending on you point of view. This is a SUL pack, so has to be used with knowledge and Skill.

Interestingly taken as a group this is at least %50 of a SUL kit circa 2005. All you really need is a tiny silnylon tarp.


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