WTT/WTB: my Zpack challenger + cash for your SMD Skyscape X

Hi, I have a September 2016 zpacks challenger raincoat – long version, medium, with pit zips, 7.8 oz – used three nights, none-sweaty conditions. I’d like to trade it + cash for a 2015-2016 dual entry SMD skyscape X tent. I love the jacket but I’ve got a couple rain coats right now around the same weight. This one performs well, it can be used without rain pants if you’ve got good gatiors and don’t mind rain on your lowner legs (I’m 5’11).  I’m selling in an effort to help fund / drop the weight on my solo pack (I’m in a SMD trekker and I love the design). Note the challenger is not available right now. Pm me if interested or have suggestions.