I have several jackets and tops that need new homes. All prices include shipping to CONUS. Paypal via gift option to [email protected]

Mountain Hardwear Epic jacket, worn around town. Large, orange. $65.
Mountain Hardwear Tempest jacket, worn around town. XL, yellow. $75.
Mountain Hardwear Tempest wind shirt, worn around town. XL, charcoal. $60.
Mountain Hardwear fleece pullover, never worn. XL, orange. $40.
Patagonia Rainshadow jacket, worn around town. Medium, green. $85.
Patagonia fleece pullover, never worn. XL, green. $40.
Capilene 2 SS shirts. never worn XL, assorted colors. $25.
Capilene 2 and 3 LS shirts. never worn XL assorted colors. $30.
Capilene 2 and 3 bottoms. never worn L assorted colors. $30.

Here are the colors and number of capilene tops and bottoms I have.
Short sleeve cap 2

Long sleeve cap 2
3-Seagrass zip neck
1-Black zip neck
1-Blue zip neck
2-Gray bottom
1-Black bottom

Long sleeve cap 3
4-Seagrass zip neck
1-Seagrass crew
1-Gray crew
1-Seagrass bottom
1-Gray bottom