FS: YMG Cirriform Tarp (Silnylon) and 1-Person Net Tent (Cuben)

Bought in 2015. Both are brand new – never used – never set up. Prices include shipping.

$90 – 1-Person Cirriform Tarp – 15.4 oz. with guylines and stuff sack. I bought this on discount because some stitching had to be fixed in-shop by Yama, but I can’t even find where it was repaired. If you can find the repair and are unhappy with it, just ship it back and I’ll refund your money. These are going for $165 from YMG – I paid $100 plus shipping.

 $190 1-Person Cuben Net Tent 9.3 oz with guyliines and stuff sack. This one was made with a white cuben floor rather than the black they’re using now. These are going for $235 from YMG.

$260 if you buy both.



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