FS: MYOG fabric scraps, silnylon, cuben, & event

From a failed shelter attempt trying to combine a fly made of cuben & event. So it's been cut and folded (stuffed), but never used.
Would like to sell everything together, but will sell the fabric in lots of the same type. ie all the event, all the cuben, etc. All prices include shipping.
All the measurements are conservative and square (so if there's some extra weird shaped piece on the end, it's not included in the measurement).
PM or post if you'd like it and I'll send you my paypal info.

I got the event from a manufacturer before it was widely available. I could only get my hands on stuff with a more wear-resistant face fabric (heavier), but it's a nice matte brown color and 3 layer. Perfect for gaiters, mitts, or bottom of stuff sacks.
Two main pieces
-42"x44" (with extra chunks on both ends)
-A few random triangles.
Would like to get $50 for it.
Mostly 0.74oz cuben in green with some yellow. Pieces w/an *, have a triangle off one end of the rectangle that's about the same length, but again wasn't included in the measurement.
Olive green stuff:
Also one 21"x46" square (w/some green on one side) of Black 1.0oz cuben.
Would like to get $30 for it
Lastly some silnylon.
From Seattle Fabrics, a 62"x80" (w/some extra narrow stuff on the end, not included in the measurement). 1.3oz, Kelly Green
And two semi triangles of Thru-hiker shield dark grey measuring ~60"x20" at the tip down and across the middle. Good enough for a couple small stuff sacks.
Would like $15 for all the silnylon.


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