FS: Marmot Helium EQ and Marmot Hydrogen sleeping bags.

I have two bags for sale:

A Marmot Hydrogen. This is a 30 degree bag. It has been used a fair amount (usually as a comforter while car camping) but is clean and in excellent condition. $200 + shipping.

A Marmot Helium EQ. This is a 15 degree bag with a highly water resistant/waterproof shell. It has less than 2 dozen nights in it and is in excellent condition. $250 + shipping.

Full disclosure: The Hydrogen had a small repair done to the body professionally by Marmot. They replaced part of a panel and checked to make sure there was no down lost. Except for one tiny line of stitching, this repair is invisible and very professional. The Helium had a few tiny tears (less than 1/2") in the shell on the top of the hood (above the face). No down was lost and I used a clear McNett Ripstop patch to repair them (I'm sure Marmot would do a similar panel repair for a minimal fee if you couldn't stand it, but honestly this repair does not effect the performance of the bag in any way). Both of these issues are minor but I wanted to make sure you know everything possible. As far as condition I would call both bags excellent and clean. Both are high lofting and have always been stored hanging in a closet (never compressed at all). Smoke free of course.

Note: Any reddish hue in the photos is strictly an artifact from my camera's white balance: The Helium is royal blue and the Hydrogen is grass green with white zipper.





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