FS: Marmot Helium EQ and Marmot Hydrogen sleeping bags

I have two bags for sale:

A Marmot Helium EQ. This is a 15 degree bag with a highly water resistant/waterproof shell. It has less than 2 dozen nights in it and is in excellent condition.

A Marmot Hydrogen. This is a 30 degree bag. It has been used more extensively (usually as a comforter while car camping) but is clean and also in excellent condition.

Both bags are in excellent condition and clean. Both are high lofting and have always been stored hanging in a closet (never compressed at all). Smoke free of course. When I get home I will look them over for any signs of wear and tear and update this post accordingly. I'm posting because I have no idea what to ask price wise for these. Any input (or offers!) would be most welcome.



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