FS: Manta Ray Carbon packrafting paddle

Aqua Bound Manta Ray Carbon paddle. The consensus seems to be that this is the best value paddle for packrafting.

Used for about two weeks on the water. Mostly class I-II water with few rocks; this was not a basher thrasher paddle for whitewater. There are some scratches, but the paddle is in great condition. As you can see in the photos, the paddle still has residue from the original stickers. It's 230 cm long.

$225 new. Available from other retails for ~$190.

$125 here with free shipping from AK (shipping to the lower 48 from AK is pricey)
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PM me if interested.Description from the Alpacka Raft store:

A great paddle! The Manta Ray Carbon kayak paddle has more horsepower for big boats, high-angle paddlers and moving water. With the lightweight carbon fiber blade providing extra strength and stiffness along with the low swing weight pure carbon shaft, this kayak paddle is a first class touring choice! It now comes with the new Posi-Lok ferrule, which clicks into position firmly and securely and features strong, corrosion-free composite construction and convenient dual-button release. This allows the user to dial in her preference on the water. Most people will find their preferred angle and stick with it. However on long days or in high winds it’s nice to have options. The carbon shaft has a nice oval shape which makes it easy to keep the hands aligned with the blades by feel. The oval also seems to be easier on the hands at the end of the day (compared to a round shaft).
Translated description from packrafting-store.de:

It should be called a Packrafting paddle! The Manta Ray Carbon Paddle is of outstanding weigh-strength ratio. It is one of the lightest 4-piece paddles available, yet fully featured for rougher use. The ABXII plastic blades tolerate hard impacts and provide extra strength and stiffness. The profile makes it free of flutter. Drip rings are standard and included in both weight and price. Together with reasonable length and blade size it is a very good touring option. The 4-part segmenting makes it easily portable. The paddle is outfitted with Aqua Bounds exclusive TLC ferrule, which is easy to use even in rough, open water conditions. The Posi-Lok Ferrule SystemTM allows to adjust feathering from 0, 30, 45, 60, 90 RHC or LHC and clicks as it locks.

Offsetting the blades allows fatique-proof 0° for your wrist to full 90° for dodging the wind or anything in between you need. At 90° head wind is cut in a right angle (small sail area), at 0° no turn in your hand is needed. Also, you can decide between left or right sided turn for personal habit.

Despite Aqua Bound putting the paddle into the touring section, it also suits moderate whitewater. Rocky streams are no problem. The ovalized shaft provide s a sensitive grip and feel.

Conclusion: High quality product for high demands. With the lightweight carbon fibre blade along with the low swing weight pure carbon shaft, this kayak paddle is a first class touring choice. Our favourite for packrafting!


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