Ultralight 2 p. Tent 4 trade

I have an unused MSR Freelight 2 for trade or sell, am thinking of adding a used, but in good condition six moons design lunar le. That's  one new $489  msr free light 2 tent, and one used but in good condition smd lunar le. Tent, all for one decent quilt prefer long reg. But reg. Reg. Will work, also prefer 900 fill power but will accept an 800 fill if it is like. New. Thanks for reading bobby. 

You can contact me at [email protected], we can then talk on phone and if you want references  , I have plenty. I traded a high end fly rod and reel combo for a new from the factory  zpacks duplex, and many other high end items

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Ultralight 2 p. Tent 4 trade Listing Photo
Ultralight 2 p. Tent 4 trade Listing Photo


Open to Trade: Yes

What I'm looking for

I prefer to trade for an ultra light 20 degree long reg. Quilt. Prefer enlightened equipment