FS: UGQ 12' Asym Hex -20D Silpoly - Asym - Head-L Feet-R - Woodland Camo w/ lines and skin

I'm now doing bridge hammocks with my HG cuben tarp so don't need the asym. It has 4 tieouts vs 2 on usual asyms. Used on 2 weekends trips, always hung for a couple days to air out when I got home. No holes, no damage, like new shape ($160 new). I added Mountain Goat mesh tarp storage sleeves (+$25), four ~5-6 foot zing it lines w/ shock cord tie outs and Dutch tarp worms to each corner (+$26). 15.6oz with sack, lines and skin. No ridgeline is included just the sleeves and the lines/worms. $110 shipped. Head Left/Feet Right Asym Tarp, It's like a reg tarp but the ends opposite your head and feet are shortened to reduce weight. Contact [email protected]

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FS: UGQ 12
FS: UGQ 12
FS: UGQ 12





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